New : Random variables

New feature random variable just added for more dynamic commands

Lets make a command named fish  and set content to You caught {random<10-30>} fish and click create.

And lets run this

As you can see the {random<10-30>}  part replaces with a random number every time.

What is happening here?

If you look closely to {random<10-30>}  you will see 2 number 10  and 30 and that means it will take any number from 10 to 30 not more than 30 and not less than 10. You can put any number in place of 10 and 30 but you must follow the syntax {random<x-y>}  now replace x with minimum number and y with maximum number and everything will be handled by bot.

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How to mention Roles/User?


There is a blog about this. Read that


Thanks! This is very helpful, and is it ok if I make a fish command too? (Please respond in yes or no)


Yes you also can make a fish command


Can I use this command and enter variables 'x-y' within discord from the command line?

⨌ÇØɲɲØɼ ⨌

Can u add negative numbers or is there a way to already do it?


can you do random messages?