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Give role to mentioned user

If you wonder how you can give role to a mentioned user using custom commands this post is for you


1 April 2021

Why my Custom Commands are not working?

If you are a new user you might fall in problem using your commands. Let me show you the cases of command not working


27 March 2020

Custom commands bot full guide

Don't know how to use this bot as a beginner? Let me help you


27 March 2021

How to mention a specific user/role/channel using custom commands?

If you imagine how you can mention any role/user/text channel then you must read this post.


27 March 2020

New : Control mentions

As you all guys know mentions were disabled by the bot that caused no role or user gets pinged by the bot but now you can control mentions by the bot. Lets see how 😊


12 December 2020

Update : New feature and Enhancements

This post is all about new bot features and enhancement on existing features


10 January 2021

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