New : Control mentions

As you all guys know mentions were disabled by the bot that caused no role or user gets pinged by the bot but now you can control mentions by the bot. Lets see how 😊

1. Change settings in server settings in dashboard

Here you can choose whether bot will be able to ping everyone, any role or any user. Check what you need.

First of all grant bot specific permission as shown in the image

As shown in the image that permission needs to be enabled

After doing this bot will be able to ping everyone here and any role in text and random commands. (Embeds never ping anyone even if bot has permission)

2. Pinging roles and users

For pinging a role in a command its a little bit tricky. Lets see how

You have to get the role/user id for this and you can get Id of any role or user by putting \ before. See image

And copy the text

Now you paste that in a command's content. 

If you want to ping everyone or here you dont need to get the id. Just put @everyone or @here in the command anywhere bot will mention them

Try it and see now! 

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