Update : New feature and Enhancements

This post is all about new bot features and enhancement on existing features

1. Allowed channels and roles also Banned channels and roles

Now you can set allowed channels/roles as well as banned channels/roles of a command from commands permission management page also if the user message or the bots command response message should be deleted after command execution. Check the image below

2. Role command response

Before this update while executing role commands  it just adds a Green check mark to show the command was executed but now role commands shows what happened in the background. It shows which role was added and  which was removed from the command executor

Thanks to all the contributors for suggesting me this cool features. 

If you also have any suggestion Join the support server and let me know in the #suggestions channel or you can simply comment bellow

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Nice stuff! I also like how the website has an intuitive layout 👍🏼


It is helping me a lot! I've already indicated this bot to my friend's channel and she's also loving it! Nice job, tysm!


By far one of the best bots i have ever used and the owner is terrific to work with!!!